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Walk 8
Walk 9

Walking on the outskirts of Erlestoke can be very enjoyable see the pictures below the map.

Map showing the walks around Erlestoke.

Descriptions of walks below this map.



Some views while walking.



Erlestoke Lake by Christine Whatley

Erlestoke Landscape by Christine Whatley


Erlestoke Wild Life by Christine Whatley


There are Ten different walks around Erlestoke, a brief summary of the walks is itemized below.

Two of the walks are more detailed walk Eight and walk Nine to view these click on the option button.


Foot Paths


Technical directions using Ordinance Survey the local Map of Erlestoke.


1)     From the northern end of the road at Pudnell lane U/c.7079.  Leading north-west through Pudnell Farm to the Bulkington Parish boundary at Fullwood Green.

2)     From the northern end of the road at Pudnell lane U/c 7079, leading north-east to the Marston Parish boundary.

3)     From Erlestoke lower road .245, at Manor Farm leading north-east under the railway to the Marsdon parish boundary.

4)     From Erlestoke lower road C.245, at Park Farm leading north-east to the Great Cheverell Parish boundary.

5)     From Erlestoke lower road, C.245, south of Brounckers Court Farm, leading west to east Coulston Parish boundary.

6)     From the Westbury- Urchfont road, B.3098, west of the school, leading west to east Coulston Parish boundary.

7)     From the Westbury Urchfont road, B.3098, 100Yds west of the Vicarage, leading South-west to Marditch road, U/c.7083.

8)     From the old coach road,path No 9, at milestone ?Bath 18?, ?Sarum 18?, opposite roadU/c.7084, leading south past Brounckers Well.

9)     The Old Coach road from Bath to Salisbury.  From the Couston Parish boundary leading south-east over Stoke Hill to the Great Cheverell Parish boundary.

10)  From road U/c.7084 at the western end of Folly Wood leading south-west and west alone the southern edge of Hill Wood, across the road U/c.708 then north and north-east to road U/c7083, opposite path No7.