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Pests and Diseases
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Pests and diseases


Does anyone have any good tips for how to deter badgers?  I suffered an aching back last autumn after spending hours planting hundreds of bulbs at Tilted Lodge, only to find that the squirrels dug up the crocuses, and once the frosts started the badgers destroyed everything in the vicinity of tulip bulbs to get to them.  They even dug up some alliums, which I had assumed would not have appealed; only the daffodils escaped. 

The squirrels could be kept off by securing pieces of chicken wire over the bulbs, but the only thing that worked with the badgers was to completely enclose pots planted with tulips in chicken wire Ė it did the trick but rather defeated the object of having an attractive display of flowers!  For those planted in the ground, I tried spraying the bulbs with the sort of deterrent you can get to keep squirrels off bird food, but with no effect (other than to make me cough).  The research Iíve done seems to say that the only effective deterrent is an electric fence (and even then it mustnít be placed across one of their regular routes as they are protected).  There are various old wives tales (including spreading lion dung around!), but if youíve tried anything with even limited success please could you share it.