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Walk 9
Walk 8 Walk 9


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Walk 9

 Approximately 1.8 Miles allow 1Hr 10 Minutes.

 Points of Interest.

 1)     The Sands (Golf Course), have yielded traces of Roman occupation.

2)     Kissing Gate marks the end of the Golf Course.

3)     Views of golf clubhouse and Salisbury Plain.

4)     Views over the Vale.

5)     Kissing Gate marks Erlestoke / Coulston boundary.

6)     Elevated views of golf course (between trees).

7)     Views of Long Water and Erlestoke Prison.

8)     A stone lintel in brickwork on cottage side of back marks a ruined dipping well.  This was the source of drinking water for Park Farm.

9)     The High Street consisted of thatched cottages until the fire of 1865.



Route through Walk 9.

 Start next to the High Street Skoda Garage on the B3098.  Walk opposite the road between the garages of Oak Beams (48) and Tumbleweed (46), up the narrow sunken lane.  Turn left at the top and go through the kissing gate and onto the golf course.

Take care to closely follow directions, keeping the fence and hedge on the left.  Follow 1st signpost (black) straight ahead through grass to the 2nd, then on to the old fencing post with yellow arrows.

 At the 3rd signpost path veers left to kissing gate in fence.  Follow path through kissing gate, between 2 fences, and head for the corner of the field by Sweet Nut Wood (can be very overgrown).

Turn right (ignoring old stile) and follow path along the edge of the wood (beware of 3 very deep badger holes).

Turn sharply left at signpost and stile and proceed into the wood for a short distance, to another stile and wooden carved signpost on Dark Lane(a rather dangerous bend).

Follow narrow road down to the junction by Hopewood cottage.  Go right at signpost and continue alongside cottage hedge and fence with 2nd fence on right.   Turn into cottage fence, follow path right alone bottom of high ridge on right.  At opening into lower field, keep fence with overgrown hedge on left and high ground on right and pass over stile between brambles and young trees (beware of smaller badge holes).  At kissing gate, path enters lower part of golf course and keeps to the top edge alongside steeply rising wooded ridge on right.

Pass beyond track on right, follow path through trees to black signpost and turn right, under wood and bearing left to another signpost,(ignore private track).  Follow black signpost to kissing gate and then follow path, which inclines to the right until you see the kissing gate in the fence.  Go through kissing gate and walk down the bank to Lower Road, turn half right and follow narrow road to High Street.  At High Street (Post Office on left) turn right and follow pavement back to the start.